Linette Kingston

Linette Kingston is a health science and analytics major, who as part of a student team received a First Place Award for the 2020 Neilom Fresh Approaches to Science and Technology (FAST) short video competition.

Her team focused on improving accessibility at UMD in terms of providing clearer navigation within UMD’s buildings. They were compelled to focus on this topic because research and anecdotal experiences indicated that students with physical disabilities and/or temporary mobility-related impairments often face difficulties when it comes to navigation on college campuses (e.g. finding ramps, accessible entrances). On the UMD app, one could find PDF floor plans of each building, but the floor plans were hard to read and don’t indicate accessibility features or routes. Thus, her team focused on creating a solution that would tackle this issue.

Learn more and connect with Linette on her LinkedIn page.

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