Neilom Awardees

Neilom Awardees

Neilom Fellows are recognized by the Foundation for their contributions to positive social change using technology. They are a community of young people inspired and excited to make a difference in the world they live in. Throughout their lives they will continue to use their technical skills to make the world a better place, and we encourage their efforts through recognition and annual prizes.

Neilom Assistive Technology Prizes

  • Richa Gupta
  • Girish Yadav
  • Piyush Chanana
  • Suman Muralikrishnan

Cosmos Club Neilom Meritorious Awards in Technology and Society

  • Jingwen Zheng
  • Christopher Hossack

Neilom George Washington University Social Impact Prizes

  • Giavanna Corazza
  • Karen Rius
  • Caitlyn Pratt

Additional Fellows

  • Nehemiah Emaikwu
  • I’Shea Boyd
  • Veeraj Shah
  • Charles Grody
  • David Boutin
  • Amanda Comeau
  • Matthew DiDomenico
  • Kristen Edwards
  • Amanda Fennell
  • Thomas Greenage
  • Lee Kirshenboim
  • Roshan Rao
  • Jenna Schueler
  • Kara Sylvain
  • Gavin Watson

Neilom Scholars are undergraduate and graduate university students who are working to create positive social change through opportunities provided and supported financially by the Neilom Foundation. These include competition prizes,  internships, research projects, and more.

Fresh Approaches using Science and Technology (FAST) Competition Winners

  • Paul Schatt, Robert Propst, Jason Strauss
  • Grace DiGiovanni, Allison Brown, Kelly DiFonzo
  • Elyas Masrour
  • Christina Nguyen, Linette Kingston

Design Day Social and Environmental Impact Award Winners

  • Athena Kresker, Ami Patel, Jenna Prasad, Madison Schattenfield, Regina Trevino, Kathryn Whitehead
  • Leif Bugler, Klaudia Karabanowska, Kien Nguyen, Bryan Roeper, Oluwatobiloga Sanni
  • Carson Bistline, Adan Castillo-Grynberg, Alexis Fuentes, Nauman Funyas, Kevin Hayes, Joseph Monaghan, Sarah Noland, and Andrew Sherwood


Awards received represent recognition of past performance and any financial award is not tied to expenditure on any specific activity.