Our Story

Our Story

Neil Anand
Dilip ‘Neil’ Anand

The Neilom Foundation was established by Davinder K. Anand in honor of his son Dilip “Neil” Anand, who besides being a successful CPA, was very dedicated to helping young people.

Whether helping them get a job, or in sports, he was an avid basketball player and sports fan, car enthusiast, loved to travel and he never missed an opportunity to help anyone in need around the world. Neil’s personality was vibrant and funny, and once you met him you never forgot him. He would have been very proud of the work of his Foundation.

Core Values
  • Plant the seeds for happiness, good health, work ethic, service, and philanthropy.
  • Recognize, reward and celebrate young people who exhibit excellence in creating positive and impactful social change to reach all of humanity.
  • Inspire and empower young people to become leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.

We want to create a generation of engineers and scientists who are dedicated to positive social change for all of humanity. Our work consists of the following:

  • Our Fresh Approach using Science and Technology (FAST) competition for a 1-2 minute video to impact a targeted area,
  • Supporting Interns working on social impact projects,
  • Awarding prizes to recognize and encourage outstanding contributions,
  • Naming Neilom Fellows for exceptional activities,
  • Supporting donor directed activities consistent with the Foundation’s vision.

Our goal is to create a dedicated community of 1,000 people active in creating social good. You can help us create this amazing community through your donation to the Foundation.