Vinomie Galagama

Vinomie Galagama
2021 Neilom Scholar

Vinomie is a Junior Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Maryland College Park. Her interests lie in helping the environment, and working in the medical field.

Vinomie (far right) and her team at work

In 2021 the Foundation supported her as a social impact intern at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is a team member of a research project in Professor Sochol’s Bioinspired Advanced Manufacturing Lab, where she is focused on finding a method to build a phantom structure using MRI images. 

Vinomie is an executive board member of UMD’s American Ecological Engineering Society, workshop chair of Engineering World Health and a subteam lead of Engineers Without Borders. All of these clubs allow her to get involved with the UMD community and work on fun hands-on projects that make an impact, and that she can be proud of.

She also started working part time at Terrapin Works which allows her to gain experience with design, 3D printing and CAD with real customer requests. In the future, she is hoping to use the skills she gained from school in the medical field to work with medical devices.

Learn more and connect with Vinomie on her LinkedIn page.