Suman Muralikrishnan

Suman Muralikrishnan Adhepalli

Suman was the recipient of the 2018 Neilom Prize at IIT Delhi, India for outstanding contributions to assistive technology. He works with the Assistech Laboratory at IIT Delhi, developing an affordable Refreshable Braille Display for the visually Impaired. He initially started working on the project as it was a technical challenge in developing an affordable microactuator mechanism that dynamically changes the Braille dots.

Following interactions with blind users while testing the device, Suman came to appreciate the profound impact of such aid for a visually impaired person. It motivated him to pursue the project further, and he is excited that the group can mass produce the product for the community at an affordable price. He credits his success to his exposure working with like-minded people in the Assistech lab, who are supportive and inspiring. He hopes that in future greater numbers of innovators will put their knowledge and skills into the development of assistive technologies.

Learn more and connect with Suman Muralikrishnan Adhepalli at his LinkedIn page.

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