Veeraj Shah

Veeraj Shah

Veeraj has been part of Public Health without Borders (PHWB), a student-run organization started at the University of Maryland whose goal is to improve the health of communities globally. He has led a community health intervention to Varanasi India, where we delivered workshops on handwashing, dental hygiene, and nutrition to primary school children. Since March 2019, as President, he has been leading initiatives to build a library in a local elementary school in Compone, Peru and funding the training of community health workers in rural Sierra Leone. With PHWB, he envisions a network of partner chapters across the country with students designing and implementing global health education to solve today’s pressing issues in preventative medicine.

He has worked as a health policy intern at the Office of the Prince George’s County (PGC) developing a framework for public health issues, including universal pre-K for all PGC citizens, a maternal home visiting program for PGC newborns, and a countywide health literacy initiative. It was approved by the County Executive in October 2019 and will be a priority in the budget for the 2021 fiscal year.

As the co-founder of Chat Health, an organization whose mission is to leverage novel technologies to improve community health, Veeraj led a team of over 15 students to design and implement two AI chatbots that answer questions and provide resources relating to COVID-19 for community members.

His goal for the future is to pursue his MD, and serve as a physician advocate, working at national and state levels to develop and implement innovative programs and policies that improve healthcare quality and access in the US. He is looking to use his diverse skillset as an activist, leader, and innovator to improve healthcare in the US. For Veeraj, the question is always “How can my innovation be translated to improve the lives of others?

Learn more and connect with Veeraj Shah on his LinkedIn page.

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