Sebastian Makrides

Sebastian Makrides
2021 Neilom Social Impact Intern

Sebastian is a Systems Engineering major at George Washington University, pursuing a minor in sustainability. He’s passionate about applying technology and engineering principles to address issues relating to energy and the environment. His professional interests include renewable energy systems, public policy, emerging technologies, and consulting. Throughout his time at the nonprofit Center for Watershed Protection (CWP) during his Neilom Social Impact Internship in Summer 2021, he learned a great deal about water resources sustainably, research, best management practices, and how nonprofits operate.

Currently, Sebastian is finishing up a fall semester continuation of his internship with CWP where he works on a number of projects related to protecting and restoring watersheds. He conducts literature reviews, assists in the writing of technical memos, performs client outreach, and works with data. In the future, Sebastian hopes to work in the field of energy or environmental consulting and seeks to help create a more sustainable future. He is also considering graduate school in Environmental and Energy Systems Management.

Regarding technical students getting engaged with nonprofit organizations Sebastian highly recommends it and believes that working within a nonprofit provides a unique work experience and environment that you are unlikely to find at large for-profit corporations. Additionally, he believes that one of the things that make nonprofit work so enjoyable is the fact that you know that the work you’re doing is directly benefiting society. Nonprofits provide a great environment for learning new skills and getting to work towards the greater good.

Learn more and connect with Sebastian on his LinkedIn page.