Samuel Nwuha

Samuel Nwuha
2021 Neilom Scholar

Samuel is a Sophomore Computer Science major at the Catholic University of America. He is passionate in advocacy, speaking up for those who are unable to speak for themselves and are negatively impacted by society, and is passionate in combining his expertise in computer science with his passion for advocacy. 

In Summer 2021, he participated in a Neilom Social Impact Internship with First Generation College Bound (FGCB), a Maryland nonprofit helping youth from low-income and first-generation families to achieve social and economic success by providing advice, encouragement, and support to obtain a college degree. 

His professional interests involve software engineering, data analytics, immigration, and social service law. He recently became a member of his university’s Student Government Association’s Diversity and Inclusion initiative, as well as his university wide “Diversifying our Student Body” initiative.

Currently, he is involved in many leadership roles in and outside of his university, in hopes of increasing his expertise in the matter. In the future, Samuel hopes to practice his passion of advocacy through being a lawyer, advocating for those who are unable to do so himself. He is also considering graduate school in Computer Science or software engineering to further his knowledge on the topic.