Sammi Lacovara

Sammi Lacovara

Sammi is a Senior Information Science major at the University of Maryland-College Park. She’s passionate about improving the lives of others through realistic and sustainable solutions. Her areas of interest include accessibility and inclusion, volunteer work, and encouraging connection and activism through different forms of art media. In her free time, she also writes on essential topics such as accessibility and inclusion in data and the power of data literacy in underserved communities. experience

Her professional interests involve aiding in solutions for digital literacy, algorithmic ethics, data privacy, and accessibility, mainly through non-profit work. She is passionate about finding solutions to improve the quality of resources, accessibility, and lives of others. She has worked with multiple non-profits that have In the future; she hopes to continue working with non-profits to improve their resources and implement better data practices. She is also considering graduate school in Ethics and Policy for Data Science.

Through the Neilom Social Impact Internship, she worked with a non-profit UX team to improve fundraising, outreach, and user experience. During her internship, she developed her ability to mix data science with empathic solutions. Her work also helped her understand the importance of accessibility and inclusion within non-profit work.

In the future, Sammi hopes to work with non-profits to develop solutions for their data practices to help create a more inclusive, sustainable future and improve the quality of living for the most vulnerable. The Neilom Social Impact Internship contributed significantly to her experience professionally and her desire to improve the lives of others.

Learn more and connect with Sammi at her LinkedIn page.