Karen Rius

Karen Rius

Karen RiusKaren Rius is a graduate student studying Biomedical Engineering at The George Washington University, and is the new Director of George Hacks.

George Hacks is a student-led non-profit organization that provides a platform for changemakers in healthcare innovation with a focus on social impact. She first became involved with George Hacks when she participated in the 2019 Medical Solutions Hackathon, and recently hosted a virtual hackathon as Director in March 2021 with Neilom Foundation support.

Since then, she has been making her mark in healthcare innovation with George Hacks and was recently awarded the Neilom Prize for Social Impact. Karen’s passion for empowering others continues this year as she uses her platform to empower innovators in her community.

Learn more and connect with Karen Rius on herĀ LinkedIn page.

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