Elyas Masrour

Elyas Masrour received a First Prize award for the 2020 Neilom Fresh Approaches to Science and Technology (FAST) short video competition.

Elyas is a Computer Engineering student who decided to tackle the problem of technological distraction with his two minute video. As he noted, “When the education world first pivoted to a virtual environment earlier this year, he was super excited to revamp my workflow and become more productive than ever. However, I soon learned how distracting technology can be when I’m not physically in a classroom. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok all competed for my attention, and I ended up being significantly less productive than usual. All these months later, I’m still dealing with the same issues! Furthermore, I’ve talked to so many of my peers, and they have all echoed similar complaints. I was frustrated, so I decided to design a solution.”

Learn more and connect with Elyas on his LinkedIn page.

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