Adrian Bell

Adrian Bell
2021 Neilom Scholar

Adrian is completing his 5th year MSE at Johns Hopkins University, studying Mechanical Engineering. He obtained his BS in Biomedical Engineering, focusing in Imaging & Medical Devices, with a major in the Biomechanics track of Mechanical Engineering in 2021.

He is working on a Neilom Foundation-supported project with Dr. Axel Krieger of the Mechanical Engineering department. His project involves the development of a magnetic suturing device for ultra-minimally invasive procedures. Magnetic surgical devices have the potential to reduce the invasiveness of surgical procedures and improve comfort for patients. With a set of electromagnet coils, magnetic objects can be translated and rotated remotely, enabling further miniaturization of surgical tools.

Miniaturizing these surgical tools while performing high-force tasks is a technical challenge. Size reduction results in weaker forces, making the high-force tasks required for surgery difficult to achieve. The solution is to build a magnetic suturing device equipped with a set of stacked, triple-coil systems to provide nearly five times stronger forces and torques than the current system.

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