Neilom Scholars

Meet Our Neilom Scholars

Neilom Scholars are undergraduate and graduate university students who are working to create positive social change through opportunities provided and supported financially by the Neilom Foundation. These include summer internships with non-profit organizations, university research project internships, and competition prizes.


Vinomie Galagama

Adrian Bell

Samuel Nwuha

Giavanna Corazza

Ashani Ross

Sammi Lacovara

Margaret Moorcones

Aishwarya Tare

Sebastian Makrides

Avani Ahuja

Sabrina Geary

Elise Parker

Mikhail Khrenov

Grace Hopkins

Habib Durodola

Elyas Masrour

Aranindu Liyanage

Christina Nguyen

Bobir Nasafi

Abdullah Ghori

Linette Kingston

Zachary O’Donough

Antonio Santoro

Christina Nikiforidou


Jaret Williams


Awards received represent recognition of past performance and any financial award is not tied to expenditure on any specific activity.