Neilom Prize

Neilom Prize

Our goal is to create a dedicated community of 1,000 people active in creating social good. Please consider joining us in our goal of building this dedicated community worldwide.

Our program has reached over 400 students and we have awarded grants to over 20 nonprofits through 2020. In addition we have recognized several young people for special past achievements and awarded them the Neilom Prize.

Awards received represent recognition of past performance and are not tied to expenditure on any specific activity.

Meet The Recipients of the Neilom Prize

David Boutin

I’Shea Boyd

Piyush Chanana

Amanda Comeau

Matthew DiDomenico

Kristen Edwards

Nehemiah Emaikwu

Amanda Fennell

Thomas Greenage

Charles Grody

Lee Kirshenboim

Suman Muralikrishnan

Zachary O’Donough

Caitlyn Pratt

Roshan Rao

Karen Rius

Jenna Schueler

Veeraj Shah

Kara Sylvain

Gavin Watson