Our Story

The Neilom Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the Washington D.C. metro area, established in 2013 in memory of Dilip Anil ‘Neil’ Anand and with the singular mission of improving the lives of young people. The group is comprised of like-minded individuals offering their time and services to support the mission.

The Foundation was established by Davinder K. Anand, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland College Park, who has spent his entire professional life in education and research. His life changed suddenly when in 2012 his only son, Dilip Anil “Neil” Anand, passed away after a heart fibrillation at the age of 48. Since that time he has decided to devote the rest of his life to charitable activities, specifically those that help young people.

Neil at work

Neil Anand

Neil Anand, born on October 27, 1964 at George Washington University Hospital to Asha and Dave, was the younger brother of Anita whom he called Ta. A life long resident of the Washington DC area, he lived in Silver Spring for thirteen years and then in Bethesda for the last 35 years. He attended Fairland Elementary School, Thomas Pyle Junior High School and Walt Whitman High School. He then went on to graduate with a B.S. in Business from The University of Maryland, College Park. A year later he married his high school sweetheart, Allison, and they celebrated 33 years together. For 24 of those years they were married, and during that time raised two wonderful children, Alexander and Erica. After college he became a CPA and, with his wife as his partner, opened a sport-clothing store called Maui Bay in Rockville, Maryland. It was a vision he developed from the ground up. The store closed and he tried several other business opportunities before finally finding his niche working with Stewart Grubman where they established Grubman & Anand Associates LLC, an accounting firm in Bethesda. In many ways the firm was his extended family. He also was the Vice President of Iktara & Associates, LLC an engineering consulting founded by his father.

Neil is survived by his older sister, Anita, who is married to Michael Rice. As kids and even as adults, Neil and Anita were often inseparable and always in contact with each other. As an adult, Neil would send letters proposing marriage and sign fictitious suitors’ names from all over the world. This still serves as a form of entertainment at family gatherings. Neil’s humor was infectious.

Neil Anand

Neil Anand

Family was important to Neil and not only was he dedicated to his immediate family and his colleagues but it was important for him to stay connected to extended family and friends worldwide. He doted on his kids and worked hard to send them to Sidwell Friends School from Pre-K until they graduated. Alexander went off to Louisiana State University and Erica to the University of Maryland after attending the University of Michigan. Neil’s personality was vibrant and once you met him you never forgot him, he had that effect on people, treating everyone equally and with respect and care. He loved helping those less fortunate or down on their luck, had a knack for making you feel special and never forgot anyone’s name, whether it was the parking attendant in his building or his client’s administrative assistant. He took the time to speak to them and to learn something personal about them.

His passions were traveling and sports. He took his family all around the world and felt travel was the best education. Together with Allison, their love to travel would often evoke a motto of “we work to travel”. He was an avid basketball player and played on teams from childhood right up to the end. He loved football and basketball enough to have two large screen televisions installed in his den so he would not miss anything, as well as season tickets to the Wizards and Nationals.

Neil Anand

Neil Anand

He was always dedicated to good health and stayed in great shape by running, working out and playing basketball. In anticipation of being empty nesters, Allison and Neil bought a 36 foot sport yacht which they named “Om” and were off to becoming avid boaters, spending every weekend on the West River where they became active members of the Chesapeake Yacht Club. But then on November 17, 2012 after a morning walk with his beloved Allison, he collapsed with an arrythmia, never to stand again. He passed away on November 22, 2012, and as his family was grieving his loss, many others were waking up on that Thanksgiving Day with news that they would have a new lease on life. Neil donated multiple organs and tissues, continuing to help others even after he was gone. His remains were spread around the world, at the places he loved and frequented often—the West River in Shady Side, Maryland, La Jolla, California, San Juan, Puerto Rico and in the sacred Ganges River in Haridwar, India.

Dilip is survived by his mother Asha, father Davinder, wife Allison, son Alexander, daughter Erica, sister Anita and her husband Michael and many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends worldwide.


As required by the Internal Revenue Service The Neilom Foundation submits Form 990-PF as a private operating foundation annually, and you can view the form in PDF format below. Please note you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software, available online from Adobe.